Details of a Spooky Halloween at Home.

Just like many things in 2020, Halloween was a bit different this year. The question of who you can get together with, how many people will be there, is everyone healthy, and of course the big question, Is Trick or Treating even happening? We didn’t want Halloween to be cancelled so we created an evening for both adults and children.

We set up a Spooky dinner for the adults that even included wines to fit the theme such as Prisoner and 19 Crimes. Is there such a theme as Haunted Elegance?

We then created a kids dinner table made up of fun and scary foods. The main course, one-eyed mummies (or you might say, pigs in a blanket), followed by cheesy spiders (mac & cheese), worms in dirt (chocolate pudding with oreo crumbles and gummy worms) and of course a brain (made of jello)! I gotta say, it made eating way more fun!

We then set up 11 stations for the kids to go trick-or-treating, with one stop being a mini haunted house!! It was filled with spiderwebs, spiders, graveyards, skeletons, a ceiling of black balloons & two adults dressed as vampires!

The kids weren’t able to have a Halloween Party at school due to COVID but they said this totally made up for it!

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